Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Packing Heavy

Why is it so hard to pack? And I don't mean packing for a trip, I mean packing for a trip out with the girls. I always forget something. I have forgotten diapers, wipes, butt medicine(as my daughters call it), extra outfits, shoes, swimming suits(backyard plastic pool at grandma's house), and everything else that is not as important. How is it that my wife never forgets? When my wife packs for a day with the girls I am reminded of a special forces soldier in a war movie who is shoving extra magazines into his vest with authority and loading his weapons with a satisfying cock of his pistol. But when I pack it is more like a thief searching someone's house for something valuable.

Where do you learn this stuff? I don't think my wife has extensive training with this. I first met her our freshman year in high school, so I am pretty sure that she didn't have some secret family before we got married where she learned how to pack for a day with the kids. There are only two logical explanations for this phenomenon. The first is all about stereotypes and excuses. I would like to believe that women just know this stuff instinctively, and that I am excused from my inability to pack. The second makes more sense. I believe that girls are held to a higher standard by their mothers. In many homes, as in mine and my wife's growing up, mothers train their daughters to do these things and let their "boys be boys". I guess its time for us boys to grow up and be responsible for the diapers.

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