Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back by Popular Demand, or Polite Encouragement

If you sincerely appreciate this blog and don't just check in on it every now and then to be a nice person, I apologize for my absence these past few months. I have to admit, I thought people were just being nice to me when they told me that they liked my blog. I was in the midst of my passion for my blog when I did something that I should not have done. I cruised the so-called popular blogs. I was bombarded with pictures of various things like sleeping babies posed to mimic famous paintings, and I was bored to death with matter of fact accounts of everyday things that I would hope that my wife would know better than to tell me about. Yes, there are things about my lovely spouse's day of which I simply don't need a recounting, just as she really doesn't need to hear every detail of my day. I was amazed and appalled that some of these ridiculous diaries had hundreds of followers. They were everything that I didn't want my blog to be, and it made me think that if I kept going that I would fall into the trap of writing about things that nobody cares to read, so I stopped.

So if you were just being nice when you complained that I hadn't blogged in a long time, then this is karmic revenge. I will be the guy who shows up to your party after you accidentally talked about it in front of me and invited me to avoid awkwardness. I will be the neighbors who actually show up on your doorstep after you say "We should really get together sometime." to avoid a long conversation at the grocery store. On the other hand, if you were sincere in your urging for me to blog again, I will do my best to give you something to do instead of work, and hopefully it won't feel like work to read it.

You all have my cousin, Doug, to blame for the revival of my blog. I assume most of the readers of this blog know him, but for those of you that don't, here is a brief and relevant description. Doug is the opposite of your mom. If your mom is the only person who tells you that you are pretty, smart, handsome, brave etc... then you are pretty sure its not true. If your mom tells you that you could use some deodorant, then you better go get some. If Doug is the only person who tells you that you stink, you check with your mom before taking a shower, but if he gives you a compliment, first you check to make sure you aren't dying or something, and if you are satisfied that you, in fact, are not dying, then you are pretty sure the compliment is sincere.
Now, let me admit, Doug has never read the blog, but he relayed messages of encouragement from other people and that is enough for me.

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